Scotty Nguyen’s Virtual Boot Camp

What makes this so unique is that you are getting an intense boot camp that is tailored to your needs, your level of play, and includes all the various games that you may be needing help in.  The camp is done one-on-one between Scotty and you via Skype®.  During the first hour of the camp, Scotty will be assessing your level of play and identifying your strengths and weaknesses of which instruction will be based upon his professional assessment. This makes the camp much more tailored to your individual specific needs in improving your game. The entire camp duration is 8 hours of which can be done in one of two ways: (2) 4 hour sessions, or (4) 2 hour sessions, whichever best suites your schedule. The beautiful thing about this virtual camp is you are not traveling, you aren’t having to bare the expenses associated with travel for a traditional boot camp, you don’t have to sit through a traditional camp being bored with instruction on areas you already know including having to hear explanation of other boot camper’s questions that may not have any interest to you, you can be taught on games other than Hold’em if you choose, and the camp is taught exclusively by Scotty Nguyen. It’s all about you and bringing your game to the next level.

To participate, you will have to electronically sign an agreement and choose your schedule, a simple few minute process. This agreement was put in place in essence to maintain professionalism during the Virtual Boot Camp along with making it clear that recording and/or reproducing the sessions by you is strictly prohibited. After the signing and scheduling process is complete, an email is instantly sent from the e-sign platform notifying all parties of the execution.  At that point a PayPal® invoice would be sent over to you for making payment, upon payment Scotty’s Skype® screen name is then emailed over to you, and the boot camp will start at your allotted time slot.

This is available to anyone 18 years and older from anywhere around the world!

*Skype® is a free, easy to use video conference platform. You can get Skype® here!

Talk Poker with Scotty Nguyen

The Talk Poker with Scotty Nguyen is somewhat of a one-off of the Virtual Boot Camp, it’s condensed to a one 90-minute session. It provides intense instruction based upon your needs and again covering a broad gamut of games. It’s intended more to cover your specific questions and areas of concern, it does not include a full professional evaluation of your game by Scotty Nguyen due to the time constraints. The process for signing up is the same as the Virtual Boot Camp.  The agreement for you to electronically sign is the same with the exception of the duration and agreement title. Scheduling and everything else is done in the exact same manor as the Virtual Boot Camp.

This too is available to anyone 18 years and older from anywhere around the world!

Both of these can be offered by casinos and card rooms around the world for their players via tournaments and/or qualifiers. You can split both of these with one other person, however both have to electronically sign the agreement, and both will need to be available at the same location and utilize the same time slot chosen. You can gift either of these to someone else. These may also be offered as a promotion by employer’s to their employees. There’s countless possibilities. Feel free to contact us at anytime with questions or comments via “Contact” and please select the “General Questions & Comments” department.

*Individual results will vary. All prices displayed are USD.

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